The 199th windmill for Kruger National Park

Image and story: Custos Magazine, September 1972

The 199th windmill presented to the National Parks board on 14 August 1972 was also the 150 000th windmill which Stewarts and Lloyds has manufactured in South Africa. This windmill was situated at Olifantswater (Nwatindlophu), 24 kms from Skukuza on the road to Tshokwane. The company marketed windmills in South Africa since 1912. The windmills provided water for both man and animals in the Kruger National Park.

Local manufacturing of the windmills started in 1942 in South Africa, in Vereeniging. The windmills were sold under the trade name Climax of Britain, but consequently this product was redesigned in 1965 under the name of S & L. The product was specifically adapted for South African conditions and they were very successful. A handing over ceremony took place between officials from Stewart and Lloyds and the National Parks Board on 14 August 1972.

Image: Custos Magazine, September 1972

Over the years, research conducted in Kruger National Park consequently provided valuable insight pertaining to the provision of artificial water and changes to the ecosystem and wildlife behaviour as a result.


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