Overtourism, sustainable travel and the environment a hot topic before the coronavirus pandemic

Day 2 #lockdown

Reflection on the future of tourism and travel I wonder how the travel and tourism industry will look like after the Coronavirus pandemic? How will tourism change. Will sustainability related aspects still be regarded in many ways as "unnecessary" with limited RoI?

A recent article by CNN travel indicated that they expect that cruises might become very cheap, cleanliness will have to be addressed as an ongoing measure, hotel room rates will drop before they come up again, travelers might feel safer in hotels than in vacation rentals due to security provided of established protocols, lower airfares and empty planes, business travel may spur airline recoveries, there might be some booking flexibility over the medium term and increased sustainability might become a possible windfall. What is very interesting is that before the spread of the coronavirus, overtourism, sustainable travel and the environment were among travel’s most talked-about topics. Again taking us to delve deeper into planetary health... How is your lodge or hotel’s planetary health profile going to look like post coronavirus? How resilient will you become? Will you promote understanding human and ecosystem connections better? How will your planetary health footprint look like? How will you capitalise on eco initiatives implemented? What is your "new normal" going to look like?

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