Let's end poverty in all its forms everywhere

Goal 1 : Sustainable Development Goal and Planetary Health

2030 is around the corner and we still have to work hard towards implementing the SDG's in all aspects of tourism. However, through planetary health, the interactions between human and natural systems can be strengthened towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The current pandemic has left us a lot to think about. Can we still make progress towards achieving SDG's and making real impact on communities, the environment and the economy?

Yes, we can.

Goal 1 of the SDG's aims to end poverty in all forms everywhere. The current pandemic has not only worsened socio-economic sustainability, but has left a lot of communities in a very distressed state. Tourism remains well-positioned to continue fostering economic growth and development during the pandemic and in post-pandemic recovery. Let us not lose sight of the potential of local tourism opportunities and a local market we have. By tapping into this local resource a positive impact on the local economy can be a reality. Initiatives need to be fast-tracked in entrepreneurship and small businesses directly and indirectly associated with tourism. We have to provide relief and opportunities to less favored groups in our communities such as women and youth.

So what can we do now? (once the lockdown has lifted and within regulatory limits)

- Take stock. What do you have and what can you offer to local travelers?

- Provide safari and other tourism opportunities to your local travelers at an affordable price.

- Provide previously all-inclusive safari experiences and tourism opportunities in separate activities such as gastronomy activities, accommodation, safari drives, adventure activities to your local market to book. An evening dining under starry skies as an option? An early morning or sunset drive? A cultural dance or gastronomy experience? Building crafts workshop? A morning bushwalk activity? Provide an opportunity for local travelers to custom build a safari.

- Work together with other tourism businesses and explore synergies.

- Support local artists and promote the purchase of arts and crafts associated with your tourism business via an online platform.

- Integrate (where possible) agritourism into your operations by using existing infrastructure with permission. This initiative can provide a food supply to your own establishment and communities that depend on you. Another possible income stream?

- Look after the communities that depend on you. Perhaps it is a good idea to kick-start the bio-economy initiative you have been working on.

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