Our Projects

Alternative Leather and Plastic

One of our most exciting and successful innovations. By using bacteria we cultured an alternative to leather and even plastic.  

Field Guide on

Phytoremediating Plants

One of our biggest and most exciting projects to date is compiling a field guide on phytoremediating plants that would be useful to homeowners, mining, industry, landscape architects, remediation specialists and many more disciplines concerned with mitigating environmental impact.  

Designing Floating Treatment Wetland Systems

Over the past years, we have developed and installed various multi award-winning UV stabilised floating treatment wetland island systems that can be used for improving water quality in water bodies to improving and rehabilitating shorelines of aquatic impoundments and systems 

Development of i-ZEWATA model for zero waste

We have developed an Industrial Zero Waste Tiered Analysis model to help the manufacturing industry to implement zero waste initiatives and consequently prepare themselves to participate in Industrial Ecology initiatives.  

Establishing the Ecological Engineering Research Institute

We have established the Ecological Engineering Research Institute that promotes research in ecological engineering globally. 

A wetland in a box

One of our most successful innovations contributing to sustainable livelihoods is the development of the awetbox that is scalable, treating grey water and promoting improved water quality. The project is still in a pre commercialised phase pending additional technology improvements.  

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