Ecological Engineering Innovations


Protected Area Services

Baoberry provides a range of services to protected areas, including game parks, nature reserves, private game reserves and game lodges:

- Water footprint analysis and water optimisation programmes;

- Field assessments;

- Environmental monitoring services;

- Ecological engineering based infrastructure planning, development and construction programmes;

- Tourism activities development;

- Wildlife ranch planning;

- Habitat management and - rehabilitation;

- Constructed wetland performance assessments and audits;

- Compliance assessments and audits;

- Solid waste and waste water management planning, development and programme implementation;

- Rainwater harvesting and grey and black water management, installation of natural pools;

- Wetland rehabilitation;

- Community programmes; 

- Constructed wetlands for waste water treatment;

- Erosion control and invasive alien plant management programmes;

- Environmental assessments;

- Sustainability assessments and programme development.