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Baoberry is a multi award winning and multi disciplinary ecological services company specializing in ecological engineering and biotechnology innovations and services. 

We are currently updating our website to be the new website of and also to the The Ecological Engineering Research Institute. Our podcast and vlog episodes of "The Ecological Engineer" will also be made available on our new website.

Introducing some of our exciting innovations and services!


We have completed some exciting work in industrial waste and our newest innovation called i-ZEWATA can reduce industrial waste up to 40%. An exciting tool to be used in Industrial Ecology programmes to help prepare industry for participation. 

Baoberry wins the South African leg of the Global Cleantech Innovation Competition 2016. Baoberry was also awarded a special award namely the most promising woman-led business in the programme for 2016. The team was off to Silicon Valley in Northern California, US, in 2017 to compete in the Global forum and was announced as global runner-up following presentations to a judging panel. The winning innovation was the "aWetbox - a Wetland in a Box" which is a nature based, ecological engineered solution to purifying water.

The photos below are from the GCIP Global competition in San Francisco during February 2017


The photos below are from the awards dinner at the CSIR ICC, 20 October 2016, with the Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs Naledi Pandor.

Baoberry won Gold at the Eco-Logic 2015/2016 awards held in Cape Town on 21 April 2016 in the category Eco-Innovation!! Thank you Enviropaedia, Eco-Logic Awards and City of Tswhane (sponsor of the award) with Sello Mphaga and his team from the City of Tshwane.

Recent installations of AqueouSphere Floating Treatment Wetland Islands in Rockville, Soweto

It was probably the wettest day we experienced for a long time given the drought conditions. With rain pouring down in buckets two AqueouSphere Floating Treatment Wetland Islands were installed in Rockville, Soweto during National Water Week 2016. It was an amazing experience and the spirit in the community was ecstatic!

Thank you City of Johannesburg for making the installation possible, together with the support from the Resolution Circle, Johannesburg City Parks and University of Johannesburg.

AqueouSphere Floating Treatment Wetland Islands (FTWI) are constructed floating treatment wetlands composed of a buoyant base mat planted with wetland plants with phytoremediation and phytotechnological properties. They are used to filter nitrates, phosphates, organic compounds, heavy metals, and other run-off contaminants including being effective in reducing suspended solids and dissolved organic carbon. AqueouSphere FTWI enhance the ecology and water quality of the water body and subsequently create a micro-habitat for surrounding species. AqueouSphere FTWI are cost-effective, low maintenance, can withstand water fluctuations and suitable for deep and shallow water bodies. AqueouSphere FTWI can be customized to any form or size.

Can be used for waste- and stormwater treatment, shoreline remediation, fish spawning, conservation (urban and rural), living walkways, erosion control, aesthetic waterscaping, wetland and lake restoration, habitat enhancement, community projects, carbon sequestration, algae reduction, aquaculture (in wet and dry conditions). 

Maintenance on some of our AqueouSphere Floating Treatment Wetlands - we even discovered a nest with 9 eggs on one island!

Thank you Earthworks Magazine for the feature on eco-engineering with floating wetlands that also features our AqueouSphere Floating Treatment wetlands!

Take a look at the video below based on our exciting project "Phytotechnological and - remediation trials together with the Ecological Engineering Institute of Africa. The Results will be published soon!






Baoberry is also a Final Round Winner in The Green City Startup competition 2015!!





Baoberry is also a First Round Winner in The Green City Startup competition 2015!!















Watch the exciting video below on our innovative AqueouSphere developed.

Although this is not an example of what the final product looks like our results to date have indicated exceptional uptake of metals and non-metals from the aquatic environment. We are also doing greenhouse trials (as part of our phytotechnology initiative) to determine which plants are the most effective in removing metals and non-metals from the aquatic environment (for application in floating and constructed wetlands).


We have in the meantime made further changes to the floating islands for mining, industrial, private, parastatal, property and conservation application to maximise contaminant removal, increase conservation value and to be used for a multitude of applications. The  islands used in this video demonstrates the concept and was also used for research purposes. The AqueouSphere can also be used in Mining Rehabilitation, Shoreline Rememdiation (amongst other) in a "dry" application.







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